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27 JUILLET 2011





Nickelodeon Magazine, novembre 2002.

Were you intimidated or excited about directing the Harry Potter books?

I was excited. I had a sense of responsibility to not disappoint my kids, not disappoint the millions of fans, and not disappoint myself. It's rare that you get to work on a project that you're an obsessive fan of, and Harry Potter happened to be the one project in my career that I felt that way about.

How did you discover the Harry Potter books?

When my daughter Eleanor convinced me to read the first book. I was a little reluctant, because I thought it was a children's novel. I had no idea it was much more. I fell in love with it as a piece of literature, and I knew I wanted to direct it.

Which character do you most identify with?

I identify with Harry. I think all kids do. You identify with this feeling of being lost and slightly isolated. Suddenly a letter comes, and it gives you the potential to hope and dream. I certainly identified with it as a kid growing up in the Midwest, wanting to be a filmmaker. It was like when I got my letter of acceptance to the New York University film school.

Will you direct the third Harry Potter movie?

No. When you're directing a film, you are required to be there from the crack of dawn until ten at night. I have four children, and it's time for me to devote some time to them. But I'll be a producer on the film and help out.

Which house at Hogwarts do you think you would be in?

I had Jo Rowling sign Goblet of Fire for me when it came out. She wrote, "To Chris, true Gryffindor." Since she put me in Gryffindor, that's where I'll stay.

How do you relax after a long day of working on the set?

I go home and watch an hour of The Simpsons.

You and Daniel, too. Which house at Hogwarts would you want to be in?

Oh, Slytherin all the way. Gryffindor is far too goody-goody.

If there was a Tom Felton sandwich, what would be in it?

About three rashers (slices) of bacon, a massive burger, a couple of sausages, and a fried egg. It's very fatty and not very healthy for you, but I'm sure it would taste absolutely gorgeous.



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